Lettering is a huge passion of mine and I you can find me working on it almost every single day.

SWEET FONT // download


Thanks to FontStruct, I was able to produce a font for my game, SWEET.exe.
I kept the style very minimal to match the look and feel of the game. At first, I tried to convey each character with as few pixels as possible, but I found that it would take away from the "charm" of the font. Instead, I followed a few guidelines I set for myself:


yo auntie gotta get lucky

Much of the calligraphy you see in my portfolio was created when I was just learning how to use Illustrator for lettering and type. As an artist, I was much more familiar in working with rasterized formats, but I've since become much more proficient with directly working in illustrator, rather than simply using the trace tool.


define define

I recently got the hang of using pen and ink and hope to be at the level where I use these skills in my freelance work (and obviously, my portfolio). Using a brush pen is my method of choice when I letter. After writing "minimum" about 200 times, I was finally able to grasp the technique. The prevalence of this style of calligraphy does concern me though, and I do wonder if it's a fad that will die soon.


This style was inspired by graffiti. It is a relatively simple process to put together the linework for this type of typography, but quite time consuming to get it just right